Ode to Lamentations

What does a master of social work do when he needs to lament? He writes.

He writes and writes and writes until he has enough spoken words and poems to fill a book. Then, he publishes them. He published them because maybe, just maybe, that’ll heal the heart.

Or maybe he published them because he needs his broken heart to be felt by someone else. Or maybe he needs his words to be heard by the right person.

Whatever the reason, his words are seen by supporting friends and he is now a published author.


The person I speak of is my friend Miguel Rodriguez, MSW. I met him about two years ago, but knew of him longer then that.

I first seen him performing at a True Voices event. Years later, I received a book of his poems in the mail and all I thought of was:

  1. Life comes full circle
  2. Here is his lament

Some poems are cries to God, or about God. A couple, glimpses of hope. Many poems, however, are laments of a wounded heart. Hopefully, this lament will bring healing!


Speaking of healing and lamentations, my friend Miguel is not the only one that goes through depression and heart break. If you, or a loved one, is going through a tough time and need someone to reach out to, here’s a link so you can get help.

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